knitted fabric

Knitwear Manufacturing

Knitwear factory “Rosa” – one of the largest manufacturers of cloths in Ukraine. Here you can buy a knitted fabric of domestic manufacturer wholesale or retail at an affordable price.

Types of knitting fabrics manufactured by the Rosa factory

The production of knitwear is a key place in the company’s specialization. The factory has a large wholesale warehouse of knitted production, which presents cloths of yarn of different types: cotton, synthetic, mixed with the wholesale or retail. The affordable price for different types of products will allow you to buy the right knitwear in Ukraine (Kiev). The Ukrainian Internet-shop of fabrics offers its customers products from 100% cotton, as well as variants of canvases with the addition of synthetic yarns.
The factory “Rosa” produces the following materials for tailoring:

  • Stocking Stitch,
  • Interlock Stitch,
  • Rib Knit,
  • Twill,
  • Mollettone,
  • Three-cord thread,
  • Double-filling duck,
  • Different fabrics with lycra and fleece.

Features of Knit Fabric Use

From fabrics of the factory “Rosa” there will be quality children’s clothes, modern polo, dresses, light shirts, t-shirts for men and women. You will also be able to choose linen for curtains, upholstery, coats, lining, terry, porter, linen of a monochrome type, or canvas with small and large prints.

All products of “Rosa” company are made of high-quality materials according to modern production technologies. Using paintings of different colors, texture and quality, you can make interesting children’s items, modern women’s and men’s clothing of high quality.

The “Rosa” factory produces high quality canvases of domestic production at a low price. You can order the products by going to the site or by using the contact information: +38 (063) 458-38-01, +38 (063) 458-38-02, +38 (044) 585-08-09, +38 ( 044) 585-08-10.

Convenient service, high-quality goods and affordable prices are the main advantages of our company.