Fur Production

Faux Fur Production

The Rosa factory is one of the leading enterprises of Ukraine that manufactures artificial fur (eco-fur) on a knitted fabric. The knitwear factory has been producing high quality products for more than 30 years. This will allow you to buy natural and woolen fur, the characteristics of which comply with world standards.

Benefits of the Rosa Knitwear Factory

The main feature of production is a wide variety of fur models. The online store will allow every customer to buy a long or short fur coat with a certain size according to individual requirements at a low cost. Natural (woolen) and artificial fur are represented in a wide color range, having different densities, pile height and design.
“Rosa” is an enterprise with extensive experience in the production and wholesale of artificial fur in Ukraine. The modern equipment of the factory allows us to produce high-quality eco-fur on a knitted base, which is widely used for the production of outerwear, footwear, head cleaning, children’s toys, furniture elements.

Fruits from the Rosa factory

Thanks to the use of modern technology, the factory produces quality materials that look very much like a natural one. Today, the company’s products consist of the following varieties:

    • Wool – natural fur of sheep wool, used for sewing shoes, bedding, as well as valuable fur-felted mouton, for the production of clothing and children’s products.
    • Toy – high quality eco-fur used for children’s toys and souvenirs.
    • Jacquard – lightweight decorative fur for sewing rugs, upholstered furniture, children’s outerwear.
    • Fur – fur coat is used to tailor outerwear and clothing, which is more affordable than the price of natural fur products.
    • Underlayer – Used to sew substrates in clothing and shoes for greater comfort and convenience.
    • Collar – Designed for making uniforms, fur hats and collars.

You can place an order on the site, or by using the following contact information: +38 (063) 458-38-01, +38 (063) 458-38-02, +38 (044) 585-08-09 (Ukraine, Kiev) .

We will be able to provide you favorable terms of cooperation and quality products at a pleasant price.

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