Sewing production

Sewing Production

The company “Rosa” is one of the few factories in Ukraine, which has its own tailoring workshop. Specialists of the company will provide you high-quality tailoring of women’s, men’s and children’s knitted clothes, the price of which will pleasantly surprise you.

Variety of sewing products

Professionals of the “Rosa” factory will give you the opportunity to sew stylish, fashionable and youthful clothes of various styles and styles. Each client will be able to order in our online shop manufacturing of things of the Ukrainian manufacturer in bulk and in retail is quite cheap and convenient.
The factory uses quality knitted linen for sewing:

  • Different Knitting Things for Men and Women
  • Sportswear
  • Overalls,
  • Toddler Models
  • Pajamas products
  • Convenient things for everyday wear.

The high quality knitwear of the company “Rosa” is a stylish, youthful and fashionable clothing of the Ukrainian manufacturer, which you can order on our site (Ukraine, Kiev).

Features of the Rosa factory

Women’s and men’s clothing of Ukrainian manufacturers is made using modern production technologies. The factory uses the design systems of Gerber (USA) and mechanized flooring systems of the firm Kuris (Germany). This allows you to make a high quality cut, and the press firm “Meyer” (Germany) will ensure the accuracy and quality of duplication of materials.

The “Rosa” factory produces high-quality knitted products of domestic production at a low price for the goods. The company is constantly developing new collections of women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, which makes the products interesting and stylish.

You can order the products by going to the site or by using the contact information: +38 (063) 458-38-01, +38 (063) 458-38-02, +38 (044) 585-08-09, +38 ( 044) 585-08-10.

We will provide for our clients a convenient service, affordable price and quality products of the Ukrainian manufacturer.