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Rose Knitwear Factory

The factory of knitted clothes “Rosa” has been considering one of the leading productions of Ukraine for more than 90 years. A wide range of products, several ways to make a purchase (retail and wholesale), quality sewing of knitted goods, and a convenient location of the factory (Kiev, Ukraine) are the main advantages of Rosa.

Variety of Products

The specifics of the work of the factory are based on the manufacture of knitted fabrics of high quality fabrics, artificial fur, as well as the sale of finished high quality women’s, men’s and children’s clothes.
In the catalog of the goods on the site of the Ukrainian manufacturer you will be able to choose the finished product variants:

  • Contemporary Clothing for Girls
  • Qualitative products for newborns
  • Comfortable things for pregnant women
  • Ukrainian goods for men
  • Children’s sewing products

The factory “Rosa” will allow its customers to order wholesale or buy in retail:

  • Fabric of high quality
  • Fabrics made of natural and synthetic yarns
  • Fur of high quality.

Benefits of Knitwear

The high quality of goods offered by our specialists to the Rosa factory is the main advantage of the products. Due to the excellent quality, the goods of the company are very popular not only among men and women of Ukraine, but also among buyers abroad.

The production of knitted items, the production of various canvases is carried out using modern technology using quality materials and technology.

Read more about the peculiarities of knitting production of our factory, get more detailed information on tailoring women’s, men’s and children’s clothes, you can find out about the prices of products in specific sections of the site by the contacts listed below.

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Трикотажное производство



Knitwear factory “Rosa” is the largest producer of knitted fabrics in Ukraine. The production of knitted fabrics is the largest share in the sales of our company’s products.commodo consequat.

Швейное производство

clothing industry

Not many manufacturers of knitted fabrics have at their disposal their own shop for tailoring clothes to order. We are pleased to present our customers with the following categories of finished products:

Fur production

Artificial fur on knitted basis, produced by the company “Rose” for more than 30 years, according to its technical characteristics corresponds to world standards.

For the production of faux fur used polyacrylonitrile, polyester and wool fibers of various modifications.


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